Do Better

I think I first heard about Extreme Ownership on the Joe Rogan Experience. I didn't really get it though because the only thing I remembered was "everything is your fault", which serves as a minimalist explanation of the core concept. I think I came across the book on Amazon when I was randomly scrolling through looking for a new non-fiction. Pretty sure it was on a significant sale so keep that in mind when I say, I think it's worth a buy/read.

Let me start by saying I don't think the title and explanation are very good or helpful. I might call it Do Better and explain it as focusing on the YOU part of the problem.

Most people hate being criticized, so maybe don't do that. Instead try to think about what you can do better next time. If your subordinates didn't perform at the level you needed, why did you fail to motivate, explain, and/or understand. At least if you want results rather than to temporarily feel better. The book is about a lot more than that though.

It's broken down into principles (rules), which is just one of the many ways it reminded me of Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life (there are even 12 of them). Each chapter starts with a story about the authors' experiences as U.S. Navy Seals. The story will highlight the principle, which is then more explicitly explained and followed with another example, this time as it applies to business leadership.

As you can probably imagine most of the stories about Seal operations are pretty engrossing, but so too are the business examples. When I finished I truly believed in the wisdom of the 12 principles, none of which are otherwise all that intuitive or obvious.

If you aren't interested in the book, but are in the ideas, Jocko also has a podcast. I think either the book or podcast will leave you wanting to explore the other, but might as well start with the free one.

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