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Are the Gods Just?


March 3rd -

It started as a whisper in the shadows, rumors of people with abilities beyond human comprehension. Lately it’s everywhere. Telekinesis, mind reading, and even elemental manipulation. The world seems to be cracking open with the birth of these extraordinary powers. My curiosity has been piqued, and I can't help but wonder – is there a pattern to who gets these abilities?

March 8th -

Patterns are emerging in the chaos. People who have suffered deeply, who have felt the weight of society's injustices, seem to be the ones bestowed with these powers. It's as if the gods are finally answering their prayers, granting them the means to seek justice for the pain they've endured. Could it be a form of karmic retribution? The oppressed rising up against their oppressors?

March 20th -

The more I dig, the more I find a disturbing correlation. Many of those who have gained these powers are survivors of abuse – physical, emotional, and psychological. It's as if their agony has forged a connection to some cosmic force, granting them the strength to right the wrongs done to them. But there's something troubling about this trend. Some have embraced their newfound power to seek revenge, inflicting suffering on those they deem deserving. Is this the gods' intent? Or a perversion of their gift?

April 5th -

It's undeniable now. Those who have been hurt the most are the ones receiving these powers. But with power comes responsibility, and some have taken a dark path. They've turned into the monsters they once feared. There's a fine line between justice and vengeance, and some are treading dangerously close to the edge. It's like a storm is brewing, and I fear that the very people who should be agents of change might become forces of destruction.

April 16th -

My quest for knowledge has led me to a revelation that shakes me to the core. I am one of them. I possess the very power I've been studying, the power that could change the world. I thought I was an impartial observer, but I'm part of this phenomenon. I cannot stand idly by while some of my newfound kin commit atrocities in the name of revenge.

May 1st -

My purpose is clear now. I will use my power not to seek revenge, but to prevent others from using theirs for evil. I'll be the voice that reminds them of the fine line we tread. We have the power to reshape the world, to heal the wounds inflicted upon us. We must be the change we wish to see. Revenge will only perpetuate the cycle of pain.

May 11th -

I've found them, those who have strayed from the path. Their actions stain the very idea of justice we hold dear. It's time to confront them, to show them that there's another way. We can be more than avengers; we can be healers and builders. I'll use my power to protect the innocent, to stop those who have lost sight of the true purpose of these gifts.

May 20th -

The battle within our ranks has been fierce, a clash of ideals and powers. But slowly, some are beginning to see the truth. We can rise above our pain, channel our abilities into a force for good. It's a difficult journey, but one that's worth it. The gods might have granted us power, but it's up to us to decide how to use it.

June 2nd -

As I write these words, a new dawn is breaking. Those who once thirsted for revenge now stand as sentinels of hope. We are shaping a better world, one where our scars are not the chains that bind us, but the stepping stones to a brighter future. The gods might have lit the spark, but it's our choices that will determine the path we take.

I’m sharing this journal with the public in the hope that it inspires my fellow chosen and opens up a dialog. It's with a sense of purpose and a heavy heart that I pen these final words. I am no longer a bystander to the phenomenon I've studied. I am a guardian of its potential, a protector of its essence. The journey ahead is uncertain, but I walk it with resolve, determined to ensure that our powers, once a source of pain, become a beacon of hope for a world in need of healing.

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