Consequences - Part 1

     He doesn't have a real name.  Right now they call him Mosi.  He doesn't know how many times that's been, but he keeps coming back to it.  Today, after all this time, he decided to stop pretending.  Well, it's not the first time but it's been ages.  

     It was the president of the United States of America.  Really the whole republican party.  He just couldn't tolerate them any more.  He doesn't really plan though, so he just showed up at the White House gate and started walking in.  Of course that sort of thing is frowned upon so guns were instantly out with shouts of "HALT" and the questions and the blah blah blah.  He just kept walking so first was the tazing and the tackling.  He figured he'd probably just need to break some legs to make progress.  So he started snapping.  When he was able to get up and continue walking the gunfire came and the cars were coming in from every angle.  Basically it was quickly becoming a huge pain in the ass.  No reason to stop though so he just kept going, disabling people and vehicles and everything in the way.  He didn't hurt the dogs though, just nudged them out of the way or let them hang on as needed.  Then one got shot.  Just like that the "plan" came to a screeching halt.

     So, he just stopped and put the dogs in the armored cars.  He realized of course it would never work.  By now the president was certainly locked away somewhere and the White House is actually pretty big.  So he is just standing around for like 10 minutes, just waiting for people to stop shooting him.  Eventually they start approaching again and barking orders.  So there begins a period of standing around disabling anybody who tries to touch him.  Sure, it's insane that this man is just standing here on the White House lawn with a pile of injured men around him after being shot hundreds of times, but how ridiculous is it that it's taking this long to for somebody to just try talking to him?

     The first question is probably pretty obvious, "what are you?!"  "I dunno...god?"  I won't bore you with the whole impromptu interview, but basically he laid it out.  Here to kill the president, been alive for like 100,000 years, tired of the stupidity and immorality.  Of course the press showed up and Secret Services wasn't about to let them anywhere near the scene, but Mosi went to them.  He gave them basically the same story.  Everything was calming down until he saw the Senate majority leader 100 or so yards away surrounded by some of the slower press that couldn't get close to the main event.  He sprinted over in a matter of a few seconds and put a fist through his head.

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